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Government & Local Authorities

We are very aware of the pace of change and also the demands placed on local government by the ODPM to modernise and further develop Core Strategies. Given that we have Elected Members on our team we are also aware that invariably Councils are continuously expected to deliver more but with less!

Garner Associates is a niche firm specialising in Strategic Business Planning, Business Development, Corporate Efficiency and Organisation Structure. We both recognise and empathise with the demands placed on Local Authorities and Members to deliver value. We are also aware that this firm’s expertise can help in that delivery to the overall benefit of the Public Sector and therefore to the general public hence we are actively engaging with and tendering for projects with some local authorities.

Based on our varied experience Garner Associates can help your organisation by providing assistance in a number of areas including:

  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Corporate Health Check
  • Systems and Organisational Review

If you are considering moving to the next phase of modernisation or if indeed you have already started but hit quicksand then we would like to hear from you.