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How we can help:

Making decisions about which markets to enter, where to locate business operations, whether to use a licensed, or a "go it alone" approach for market entry or perhaps form a joint venture, which location offers flexible employment and taxation structures, are amongst the key questions that require thorough analysis of risk and opportunity.

Whether you are a western enterprise seeking access to emerging markets, or an MNC in an emerging market wishing to pursue opportunities in developed and developing markets, Garner Associates has the skills, experience and desire to help you.

Who we are:

Garner Associates is a niche business advisory and consulting firm assisting investors and companies make the right decision about their investment location. We have extensive experience with the Indian sub-continent, The Middle East, China, East and South East Asia and Pacific Markets. We have representation in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Sydney.

  • Business and Strategic planning
  • Strategic Health checks
  • Project and commercial feasibility analysis
  • Market entry evaluation
  • Market analysis and local research
  • Risk identification
  • Business modelling
  • And more